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Sam and Emily are an Australian couple who have a passion for motorcycle touring.  After discovering the vibrant utopia that is Cambodia the “Kingdom of Wonder”, they moved from Australia and established “Cambodia Motorcycle Adventures” in 2011.

With over 40,000 km’s travelled by motorcycle, exploring the cities, villages, temples and countryside, they have the knowledge and expertise to show you the real Cambodia and take you to sights usually hidden from the average tourist.

With a priority on safety and a focus on fun, food and adventure, Sam and Emily are the perfect team to personally guide you on your motorcycle ride of a lifetime.



Hello                       johm ree-uhp soo-uh 

Hi                           soo-uh suh-dei

How are you?           sohk sa-baay te

Goodbye                 lee-aa suhn hao-y

Please                     sohm

Thank you                aw kohn

Yes                         jaa/baat (f/m)

No                           te

Excuse me               sohm toh

Sorry                       or toh

I don't understand      kh'nyohm myhn yuhl te

You're welcome         muhn ei te

Emily Sam
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