This blog is dedicated to anything and everything about Cambodia and life in Phnom Penh.

It’s all about: restaurant reviews, feature articles, tips and tricks and profiles.

We (Emily and Sam) have lived in Phnom Penh since mid 2012 and as tour guides spend a lot of time travelling the country. So, it’s about time that we share our local knowledge with you.

We hope that you enjoy the articles.


How to ride a motorbike in Cambodia

From the outside looking in, riding a motorcycle in Cambodia looks like it’s an utterly chaotic experience. But when you’re in amongst it, it’s not that crazy. You just need a few tips for that light bulb moment to go off and before you know it, you’ll be riding...

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Out cruisin'

Top 4 Restaurants in Kampot

The sleepy, chilled-out provincial capital Kampot is rapidly turning into a tourist hotspot and with that, a foodie’s mecca. The main part of town lies on the banks of the tranquil Preak Tuek Chhu River and is about five kms from the Gulf of Thailand. A few years...

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Lovely Kampot

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